Health Benefits

Cardiovascular Fitness:
Trampolining is a great was to jump about and burn loads of calories while having loads of fun. Regular jumping on a trampoline can increase the bodies’ metabolism and therefore increase the amount of calories burnt. Trampolining on average burns more calories than going for a run. Nasa claims that 10 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to going for a 30min run, and much more fun.

Increase in muscular tone:
The action of using a trampoline helps to strengthen the tendons, ligaments and muscles around the joints, thus easing the pressure on the joints themselves by giving them an effective means of being able to spread the load

The increased muscle strength which is associated with the regular use of a trampoline, particularly in the areas of the back and the stomach, means our muscles are better able to support the spine. Better calf and thigh strength is an added benefit.

Full body Workout:
Working out on an unstable environment means the body needs to engage the stabilizer muscles around the joints more

Studies have shown that training on trampolines (unstable environment) can burn between 800-1000 calories within a 60 minute period. Making it one of the most effective ways to workout!

Decrease in body fat, without the monotony of running on a treadmill

Increase in lean muscle mass

Regular trampoline use has been shown to improve both upper- and lower-body strength without the wear and tear that is associated with weights – providing a healthy alternative to weight training

The increased blood flow to the brain and greater enzyme activity that result from using a trampoline are thought to heighten mental alertness and to promote faster reaction times, enhanced vision and improved balance

Mental Health:
Trampolining is not only great for a person’s physical health but also mental. Jumping on a trampoline can help to relieve stress and combat the effects of anxiety and depression, by releasing natural endorphins while jumping. Regular jumping and exercising can help relax the body, increase your energy and significantly improve sleep patterns.

Social Benefits:
FUN FUN and MORE FUN. Nothing beats a great workout than with friends. This will allow people to train at a high aerobic level whilst having a great time doing it.