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May 1, 2018
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May 1, 2018

Moorabbin Indoor Sports is your one stop shop when your looking for tennis coaching. We cater for all levels  and ages in our comfortable indoor enviroment. All our classes are conducted by qualified coaches.

Our Director of Coaching is Nicole Bradtke, a former Australian #1 womens tennis player, winner of 3 WTA singles titles and 9 doubles titles,  2 time Grand Slam Mixed Doubles Champion (U.S Open 1992, Australian Open 1992) and Bronze medalist at the Barcelona Olympic Games in the womens doubles. Head coach at the 2004 Athens Olympics and former Fed Cup coach.

Tennis lessons are conducted daily. Monday to Friday from 4pm, Saturday from 9.00am. We have size limits of a maximum of 5 students per Tiny Champs class, and 4 in all our other classes. Prices start from $15 for a 30 minute class.




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“Experts consider tennis the best first sport for children because of the game’s wide array of skill sets that cross over to other sports.

Running, catching, striking, aerobic, anaerobic, team building and the ability to play the sport for a lifetime will undoubtedly enhance your child’s interest in sport.

Tiny Champ students learn the basic fundamentals of tennis strokes, movement and motor skills, in a scaled-down environment to fit their needs.”


Tiny Champs is targeted at the first time tennis players aged from 4-7 years of age. Soft bounce balls are used and drills are designed to show correct stance and grip of racquet. Children are encouraged to explore their abilities and to participate in a group enviroment and most of all to enjoy the game of tennis.

Club, State and Grand Slam Group Lessons

We progress our students into our Club, State and Grand Slam classes as they continue to improve. Coaching techinques continue along improving technique and also start to construct thier game play, build their rally play and start to learn match play tactics. The next step takes our students into our Intermediate levels. Advancement of technical skills, mastering their tactical knowledge, developing rally play and serving. Prepare our students for touranament play.

We also like to help our students advance to penant play and will assist to find them appropriate spots.

Private Lessons

30,45 or 60 min private and semi private ( 2 students with 1 coach) lessons are availiable throughout the day and evenings.

Cardio Tennis

Wednesday and Friday morning at 9.15am

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