Junior Indoor Soccer Competition

REGISTRATION ARE NOW CLOSED. Registrations for 2024 will re open in August 24

Junior Summer Indoor Soccer kicks off in October 2023.

Season played during term 4 2023, and term 1 2024, then finals.

All games are played at Moorabbin Indoor Sports, rear warehouse, 117 Cochranes Rd Moorabbin 3189.

Junior Indoor Soccer played on the synthetic grass inside the nets.

15 round season starting on October 12th till Dec 8th, pause for school holiday break. Return Feb 1st with regular season concluding March 7th. Grand Final on March 21st.

Thursday afternoons between 4.30pm and 7.30pm start times for under 10’s, 12’s and 14’s. (Waiting list only for Thursday)

We have now added more nights of Junior Soccer. Monday is U/10’s, Tuesday U/12’s, Wednesday U/14’s.

Cost is $190 per player or $1330 per team.

All teams to have a minimum of 7 players.

5 a side on court, plus subs, is a great way for improving foot skills, passing and scoring. Keep your team together during the summer.

Age cut off dates are: A player cannot be older than their age group as at March 31, 2024.

ie: if you are playing under 10’s you must not be older than 10 as of 31/03/2024.

Only the team captain or representative needs to register on this page. Registrations for 2024 will re open in August 24


Junior Soccer Rules

    1. It is the Captain’s/Manager’s responsibility to make sure all the team players know and understand the rules of the game, the conditions under how they play and the centre policies.
    2. The Captain/Manager must make sure all match fees are paid at the start of the Season.
    3. The captain must make sure that all players details are correctly filled in – Name, Address and Date of Birth.
      Players must not be over the age group they are playing in as at the 31st March 2024.
      (If a player is 11 before the 31st March 2024 he cannot play in under 10’s,
      He/she must play in the next age group)
    4. The match consists of 2 x 13 minute halves with a 1-minute rest period at half time.
    5. Goals
      (a) A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick off unless it is touched by another player.
      (b) A goal is scored only when the ball fully passes the goal line.
      (c) After a goal is scored the ball is returned to the centre spot to restart the game.
    6. Goalkeeper:
      (a) The goalkeeper has 5 seconds to dispose of the ball. Failure to do so will result in a free kick to the opposing team on the centre spot.
      (b) The goalkeeper cannot kick the ball AFL style, the goalkeeper can throw the ball or place the ball to kick it.
      (c) At no stage can any of the goalkeeper’s body go outside of his area. If this occurs a penalty shot will be given to the opposing team.
    7. Tackling: Behind or side tackling is not permitted. Following through is also not permitted.
    8. Shin guards are optional.
    9. Fouls: When a foul is committed a free kick is awarded to the opposition. Fouls include swearing, obstruction, pushing, holding on to other players, time wasting, intentional handballs, holding onto the nets and sliding tackles. Players must be standing to kick the ball – If a player is on the ground, he/she must stand up to kick the ball.
    10. Late starts: If a team does not have at least (4) players on court at start time, 2 minutes are allowed, after this a penalty of (1) goal for every minute late will apply.
    11. Penalty Kicks: A penalty kick will be awarded at the discretion of the referee for any fouls committed in the penalty area. This area is the attacking third (defined by the yellow line).
      If a defending player enters the opposing team’s goalkeeper area, a penalty will be awarded. NOTE: Penalty Shots: A maximum of one step only is allowed before contacting the ball.
    12. Substitution: Substitutions can only be made after a goal is scored, or if a player is genuinely injured. NOTE: If no score has been made in a 5-minute period the referee will call for any substitutions.
    13. No substitution can be made without the referee’s acknowledgment.
    14. Drawn Finals: In the event of a drawn semi-final the higher team on the ladder will be the winner.

In the event of a drawn Grand Final, golden goal with a maximum of 2 x 2 minute halves will be played. If still drawn a sudden death penalty shootout applies, rounds of one kick each are used until one side scores and the other does not.
Each team will select their Goal Keeper, the higher team on the ladder will shoot first.

117 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin, Vic, 3189. Telephone: 9555 3900